Anonymous asked:

hi! so this question won't be regarding to the yg new girl group, but i just wanted to ask you about your opinion for a foreigner (non-asians as well as non-koreans) to be a trainee/or even debut under yg?

I guess it’s possible for a foreigner to become a trainee, but in my opinion, the chances are rare.

Anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite trainee so far? Also, do you know if Jinny Park has lived in America? Why do people say that her old pictures and videos are bad ?

I guess Eunbi, Jennie and Laliz so far since I’ve seen more of them. Like Eunbi did SSK2, Jennie did featurings/have official practice videos and Laliz has her dance videos from WZC days.

Jinny goes or used to visit every summer and I don’t know why people say that. 

Anonymous asked:

Do you think Bobby is a better rapper than B.I?

They’re both great to me.