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Is there any other 13 years old trainee?

I think the Future 2NE1 girls? Or Bang Yedam idk D:


YG Entertainment confirmed with much determination that the agency will scout LEE CHAE YOUNG, a contestant from SBS’s audition program K-Pop Star Season 3, a show that ended in great success last weekend.

Personnel from YG told OSEN on April 16, “As a judge on K-Pop Star 3, YANG HYUN SUK had been keeping an eye on LEE CHAE YOUNG. To YANG, K-Pop Star 3 was not about competing with JYP and Antenna Music in scouting future artists, but it was about discussing with the two agencies who can best foster future talents.”

They added, “YANG does not expect LEE, who is only 13, to become a big hit immediately. Under a systematic artist-fostering program at YG, she will be trained for 3 to 4 years to upgrade her talents. That is his decision. It is YANG’s style to discover a talent at an early stage and foster the ability well.”

LEE CHAE YOUNG received highly positive reviews from YANG and Park Jin Young when she sang “FORGET YOU” at the casting audition on the show. At the time JYP was first to scout her, but YANG used the “priority” card, changing the path for LEE to YG instead. 

On the day Park Jin Young commented, “My mother scolded me. She told me not to say things like ‘you are the future of our country’ when I’m giving comments as the judge. But how can I not say it for an amazing performance like this one?” and added, “I was worried about the last performance, but this time you had your true voice, falsetto, and the feel. It was great.” Yoo Hee Yeol also said, “Such talent at such young age. The best part was when you sang on the chair.”

The reason behind the highly talented LEE going to YG could be her infinite potential and her incredible dance skills. Park once commented on the show after seeing her perform, “I never wanted to be a singer. At college I was dancing all drunk, and I was scouted as a dancer, and then I became a singer. I love teaching, so my dream had always been becoming a teacher. We have dancing and singing coaches at our agency, but there are some aspiring trainees who I want to teach myself. LEE CHAE YOUNG is like one of them.”

But as this season’s winner Bernard Park chose to join JYP, YG’s scouting of LEE CHAE YOUNG means it is win-win for both agencies.

Source: YG LIFE

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when is the next audition????

Hi, I don’t know since this isn’t an audition info blog, but you can check out their site, Facebook or Twitter to keep up with anything about YG Audition~!

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hi. i want to send my demo to yg audition. Is it its adress? "398-21, 3F, Seongkwang Bldg., Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoulto YG AUDITION (Postal code 121-886)"

Hi, I’m not sure but on the yg-audition page, it has:

2F, (Gain Bldg.), 153, Tojeong-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
to YG AUDITION (Postal code 121-150)

Good luck!